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Hi guys, I'm new here..

2014-09-10 06:58:34 by ThilakanathanStudios

Hi guys,

I'm new here! I've been making animated shorts for a while and posted them to YouTube but no-one really watches them (probably because it's pretty bad). I've heard that Newgrounds is the home of animation and was encouraged to sign up so I thought I'd post my work here for you guys to enjoy.

I'm mainly into Pixar, Dreamworks-style films and I try to make my 3D animated films similar in style. It always turns out embarassing but I hope I can learn from the community and one day make something at least 10% close!

Looking forward to my time here!


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2014-10-20 03:37:59

Hey nathan? i dunno what your name is ha,
Just watched your 3D short about what to do when bullied. The animation is good! Animation is an art form and requires a lot of studying. I am currently doing a lot of that myself. If I could give you any advice, it would be to read The Animator's Survival Kit , by Richard Williams. This book covers the basics of animation, but will teach you everything you need to know. Don't give yourself such low expectations [10%], I can see a huge potential in your work. Practice makes perfect, but learn from your mistakes. Take criticism even though its hard to do. Keep doing 3D animations or whatever makes you happy.

Keep up the good work,

ThilakanathanStudios responds:

The Animator's Survival Kit actually looks really good, I might purchase it. Definitely need to keep practicing and I still think I have a long way to go before I figure out character animation, lol.. Thanks Kevin for the useful feedback, really appreciate it!


2014-11-08 22:13:21

Oh, right. Welcome to the Newgrounds, the home of the best of the best!


2015-12-22 16:52:57

Hey man! I just watched your videos. Amazing animation! I see a bright future ahead of you in the animation business! Anyway I just wanted to drop by to say two things. One is to keep at it. A lot of people here can give you good advice. Two is that apart from advice, people can also partner with you in animation! from music to producing or even being a co-animator!

See your work around. :)